Hello Salt & Strings Customers!

We have some exciting news this week. On Feb. 21st and 22nd our grocery company is coming to help us give the store a facelift. We will be pulling everything off the shelves, cleaning, and rearranging the grocery part of our store. Don’t worry – we aren’t getting rid of the grocery section, downsizing, or going out of business. Just a nice spring cleaning! We will even be re-pricing and tagging the WHOLE store. That’s right – hundreds of our items will be DROPPING in price. You will notice right off the bat the store will have more room to navigate in, cheaper items, and similar items arranged together.

So on Tuesday and Wednesday, you’ll have to pardon our mess but come right on in. We won’t be closing up while this happens. On Thursday, you will be able to come and see the newly arranged store without the mess. If you can’t find some of your favorite items, just ask and we’ll show you their new place. We’re excited for this change as we welcome spring and the beginning of grilling season!


Quinn, Samantha, and the Salt & Strings crew